Astronauts developing mobile applications


Systematic and organized approach is what makes AppStart stand out from a crowd of developers.

About us

We create mobile applications to the highest standards.


is our routine

Everything starts with details. That’s why we thoroughly examine every single task. We value positive user experience, clarity, and transparency: our team looks for the most efficient solution to every problem and we will be happy to explain it to you. We set the highest possible standards and from a wide repertoire of techniques choose only those that 100% meet your needs.


is our proaction

We are inspired and driven by the time-tested principle of flexible development – Agile manifesto. It is our belief that only together can we achieve the best results, which means that communication with clients is an inseparable part of our professional routine. Changes do not scare us: we instantly react to changing requirements and present a product to a client on time.


is our boldness

Are you lacking technical knowledge what your mobile Android / iOS app will look like and how it will function? Let us imagine it for you – we’ll visualize your product and will advise you which methods to use in order to achieve the desired (or even better!) result.


is our “occupational disease”

What is a challenge, if not a growth opportunity, after all? We always have time to acquire new methods to get ourselves acquainted and get a grasp of innovative technologies. To become even more productive, we always review our work approaches and change them into more efficient. Ultimately, we are busy outside our office too, participating in business conferences and trade fairs.


Tell us about your project – we‘ll tell you how we‘ll make it happen.

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